Hi I’m Lexie!

Lexie Echols

Photographing people has been my hobby since I was a preteen. I spent most of my days through middle/high school, picking out outfits at thrift stores, dressing up my friends, and having them model for me. The late night boredom of me and my childhood friends would result in making home made horror/comedy movies that should have never seen the light of day! We thought we were the funniest people on the planet (and probably still do LOL.) As I ventured into adulthood, I set down my camera for a bit and tried out various career paths.

I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2014 where I met my husband, Tyler, and pursued a career in the Senior Living industry for about 4 years . We found out we were having a little girl in 2017, and it led us back to the Willamette Valley to be near my family. And the following year we had our baby boy! (Yep, 2 babies in two years!) After a couple of years staying at home caring for my kids full time, a job in Real Estate photography was presented to me. I spent two years strictly photographing real estate, and learned so much more about photography. It ignited my desire to experiment with portraits again. I felt inspired to reacquaint myself to my creative side that had been hiding out for a long time. It was from there that I decided to dive full force into what I love doing most!

Now for some random info..

I like all things colorful, retro, and funky. When I have some free time, I love going to thrift stores and estate sales.  My home is filled with a mish mosh of furniture and decor from the 1950s-70s.  When I find just the right treasure, I get inspired and start to create a whole scene in my mind. This process often inspires my creative sets and backdrops for the mini sessions I have throughout the year.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media (don't we all) and I rely way more on my personality in person rather than my online presence. But I'm working on that!
If you don't already know me, you'll soon see my goofy personality. I love being around people who bring out my silly side. I try not to take things too seriously and can fill most awkward silences. It's the superpower of being myself that helps my subjects to feel at ease and comfortable behind my lens. I will always be there to guide and direct you for that perfect shot but I think the best shots truly happen in those in-between moments.

Let's have fun creating together!