Happy new year! Just coming on here to show some examples of what you can wear if you have wanted to do a boudoir shoot but don’t feel comfy or like yourself dressed in lingerie or nude. There is not just one way to be sexy!!! Throw on an oversized cardigan, or a tshirt with your fave comfy bottoms, or jeans and a lacy top- whatever you feel good in! Ive had too many DMs of people saying they’d love to do this kind of shoot but don’t feel confident or sexy in lingerie or are worried about showing certain areas of their body that they think are unflattering. Guess what? You don’t have to! And yep you can still be looking I think that’s just ingrained in our brains to think we have to show it all to be sexy and it just ain’t true. It’s 2022 and time to stop putting ourselves in a box *shout out to my twin sis @emmicoakley for being my model on a whim while I was feeling inspired* If you’re interested- I’m hosting boudoir sessions the weekend of January 29th! Make up and hair services available. Send me a message for details ️Couples are welcome 🤗

Boudoir example
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